Monday, July 6, 2009

Kenyan Way Hills - 8 miles total.

Another summer day in Houston, another day of miserable running weather. I dragged myself out of bed at 5:15 to get up and run with the Kenyan Way group this morning. I left the house a little after 5:45 to start warming up. My first mile of my warmup was pretty miserable as I was still trying to wake up and get my body going, but by the time I got to the base, I was feeling a little better and ready for a workout. I did a total of 3 miles warmup and then some drills and strides. We did two sets of 10 minutes of hills at Memorial and Shepherd with a 5 minute break in between. My legs were still kind of tired, but it felt good to do a workout with that kind of turnover and straength building. I wasn't ever breathing too hard, but my legs just didn't want to go any faster. Sean had told us not to push it too hard if we raced this weekend. It was so humid out that my shoes were starting to squish halfway through the second set. When I was running up the hills, my insoles were sliding around the inside of my shoes as I was pushing off with each step. I had to take off my shoes and adjust the insoles before I ran my cooldown. I ran an easy 2 mile cooldown back to the house and then wrung out my socks and tried to stop sweating before I hopped in the shower.

I recently got a new pair of shoes with a gift certificate I had won at a race and I think the new shoes seem to be helping my Plantar Fasciitis or whatever ailment I have in my foot. I had been running in the Nike Zoom Skylon which I really liked, but my gift certificate was only for Adidas shoes so I got the Glide Supernova. The Skylons felt really good on my feet and I liked the lightweight feel, but I wonder if they might have been a little too light or if I put too many miles on them, especially since a lot of my mileage has been on hard surfaces like roads and sidewalks. The Glides are definitely heavier shoes and I can feel the difference in weight, but it seems like the days I run in the Glides my foot doesn't bother me as much. With the skylons sometimes I still feel some foot tenderness the first mile or two while I am warming up before it goes away, but I haven't noticed it all with the Glides and I definitely have noticed a difference in how my foot feels later in the day. I think that I will get a new pair of skylons to use on days where I am doing speedwork or tempo runs since they are a little lighter and then stick to the Glides for my recovery days and mileage days. Both shoes are neutral shoes so it isn't like one of the shoes is the wrong type for my foot. If I get a new pair of Skylons and they don't bother my feet, then it is probably that I was just wearing the old shoes too long, but if my feet still bug me with the Skylons but feel fine in the Glides then I will ditch the Skylons and try to find a different lightweight trainer for my faster days and marathon races. I had run through 2 pairs of Skylons before I started having foot issues so I'm more inclined to think that it may be related to the shoes being too worn out.

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